Access Control Systems using Power over Ethernet (PoE) Technology from Borer
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Reduce Access Control Labour & Installation Time

Comparison of installing the Borer Access Control System against a typical competitive Legacy System

Few organisations look past the purchase price when looking for a new or replacement access control systems. But price alone is not an accurate measure as to the true cost of the installed system. The quoted price will often include only equipment and the labour to install it, but often excludes the cost of providing mains power and data cable.

To arrive at the true installed cost, you should take into account all the following:

  • Cost of Equipment
  • Cost of Installation
  • Cost of Fitting Mains Power Outlets
  • Cost of Installing Data Cable
  • Running Costs

Borer Power over Ethernet Access Control Installation

Cable Types

  • A - CAT5e
  • B - 7/0.2mm 2 Core
  • C - 2 Twisted Pair 22 (7/30) AWG TC
  • D - 7/0.2mm 8 Core Screened
  • E - Belden 3082A or equivalent
  • F - Belden 3084A or equivalent

Borer PoE Access Control System

The advantages of installing a FUSION security access control reader on a door:

  • Less equipment to install with all work confined to a small area adjacent to the door lock making for a quick and neat installation;
  • No need for a mains power outlet so you don’t have to employ a qualified electrician, saving between £60 and £280 a door;
  • A minimum of wiring local to the door – less to fit, less to fix.
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Typical Competitor Legacy System

The pitfalls of Legacy door access control installations:

  • Wall space needed to mount a box to house power supply, battery and control panel – unsightly when installed above the door, difficult to install, commission and service when mounted in the ceiling void or riser cupboard (ladders and working at height permits required);
  • Mains power outlet required costing from £60 to £280 a door;
  • Significant amount of local cable, cable terminations and associated trunking making for a more complex, time consuming and often unsightly installation.
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Faster Installation with Borer PoE

Nearly all access systems need a mains power outlet at every door. Fitting a mains spur for a new build generally costs from £60, while retrofits can often costs more than £300. Most access control systems require cabinets to house power supplies and electronic circuit boards. These are often mounted above the door or in the ceiling void.

A Borer FUSION installation needs less hardware. A typical installation consists of a door card access reader, lock manager and electric lock all fitted at door handle height. The card access reader head is normally surface mounted on the access side of the door. The lock manager, which is a miniature circuit board is often mounted, together with the Push-To-Exit switch, onto a standard electrical wall socket.

FUSION needs less equipment to be installed and has fewer cables to terminate. You don't need mains power outlets at every door so you don't need a qualified electrician. As all equipment is mounted at door handle height, it can be safety installed without using ladders thereby eliminating the dangers and paperwork associated with working at heights.

Most access control systems use traditional cable architecture to connect a chain of access doors to a PC or the LAN via an RS485 to Ethernet converted. The data cable is run from door to door in a daisy chain style. In contrast, FUSION uses standard CAT5 network cable. Each door has its own cable connection to a network bridge. More cable is needed, but CAT5 cable costs a third of the price of RS485 cable.

Easier Servicing with Borer PoE

Up to 80% of service calls are resolved by simply power resetting equipment. FUSION has remote diagnostic and repair facilities built into the access control system. This enables many service tasks to be undertaken via remote control over the internet, using a secure connection. This can significantly impact on service overheads.

FUSION supports power and data delivery over CAT5 network cable. This allows the system administrator or service provider to monitor, manager and control door access readers, attendance terminals and security input panels. In this way many basic faults can be resolved without having to call out a service engineer. Consequently, minor faults can be dealt with quickly and efficiently and service support only called upon when equipment does not respond.

Access Control Systems using Power over Ethernet (PoE) Technology from Borer